It’s been more than two years since I stopped writing here regularly, hopefully that’s going to change soon!

Two years is quite a long period in computer industry, so I want to create a list of the most important events happened while I wasn’t here.

Here is my Top-7:

  1. Windows 10 Mobile sunset. I still miss it.

  2. .NET Core 2.0 release. I am running dotnet apps on my raspberry pi on linux!

  3. Docker is now the center of my software development toolbox. WSL 2 is going to be even better.

  4. Using VS Code for all my little side projects on Javascript, PHP, bash, etc.

  5. Built several automated scrappers and web “robots” on phantomjs, casperjs and then puppeteer.

  6. Enjoyed the “Clean Code” books series by Robert C. Martin.

  7. Upgraded my Thinkpad to the top spec I could get.

I need to remember to create such list at the end of each year. It would be interesting to re-read it in the next %d years.