So am I really going to start a new technical blog now in 2015? What can I write about when it looks like everything has already been discussed on StackOverflow? And there are so many good things written by others, what can I possibly add to that?

This is how I felt before I found out about the email course from John Sonmez.

I first heard John talking about managing career several months ago on dotnetrocks and I particularly liked one of his ideas about considering yourself not as an employee working at a company “X”, but rather a Company “Y” (which is actually you yourself) working for the company “X”. That single idea got me thinking - what are my goals, what am I going to do with my career? What is my future I’m heading to? If I am a company, I definetly want to grow my business, so I need to have a solid plan for the future. Needless to say that as a company I need a website or a blog ;)

So when I saw that there is a course from John Sonmez on how to start a blog, I signed up immediately. And that was the moment of truth for me, I felt it right away because I started seeing changes. Not only I managed to create a website, come up with a brand name and plan for the next several weeks, I am actually blogging! The best thing about John’s email course is that you really have the feedback. It’s not like you signed up for some tutorial online and got some instructions on what to do when. The course itself is so well-thought-out and lessons are set out in such a friendly manner that you actually feel like John is your private mentor who is always ready to help you in case you need it.

I’m so glad I can thank John Sonmez in my first blog post!